Steam Summer Sale Deals

29/06/2017 Main

What’s up everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. As I am sitting on my computer typing this, I am finding it very hard to concentrate. That is because the 2017 Steam Summer Sale is going on and I am getting notifications every 5 minutes about something on my wishlist being on sale. This sale runs annually between June 22nd to July 5th and is normally a place for gamers to buy some great games at even better prices. This year’s sale is almost over so I have highlighted some of the best deals you may have missed (or still have a chance at) Read more

Become an Audiophile

15/06/2017 Main

Hello and welcome readers, to the latest installment in my hobbies and leisure blog. How many of you remember my post about setting up a HAM radio? This is sort of a continuation on that post, but also something entirely different. I have been getting older, and as I been wanting to get more quality out of the things I enjoy. This applies to all aspects of my life; I try and eat better food, drink better whiskeys and lately that means listening to better music, or more accurately listening to music better. I have started to become a bit of an audiophile, with the help of all the great deals on electronics on  it has been a lot easier and cheaper than I expected. Here are some basic steps to follow if you too want to become an audiophile. Read more

My favourite things to do in the Spring

18/04/2017 Main

Hey everyone, hope you are all enjoying this lovely spring day. I would like to welcome you back to my hobbies and leisure blog, although I hope you are not reading this while it is nice outside! I love spring, the air is fresh and the grass is green. There are so many young animals around frolicking around with their mothers, and flowers blooming every day. Spring is simply amazing, it stands for the refreshing of life and a start a new. Spring is when we see old plants shoot up out of the earth, and trees form a new set of leaves for the year. Here are my favourite things to do in the spring. Read more

How to Become a Professional Poker Player

14/04/2017 Main

Welcome back my fellow followers. Today I have something very interesting for you. It is about on how to turn your passion for poker into a professional job. Many poker enthusiasts and hobbyists envy the lives of professional poker players. Who would not like to set their own working schedule, play a game you love and travel the world to participate in tournaments? And if you consider the income, it sounds too good to be true, almost like a perfect dream. So here are some tips and trick on how you can achieve this goal. Read more

Card games

31/03/2017 Main

Hi guys, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure post.  Today I wanted to continue the theme from my previous post and talk about card games to play with friends. SO here are my top 3 less traditional card games to play amongst friends. Read more

Board Games with Friends

29/03/2017 Main
Board Games with Friends

  Read more

Colouring In for Adults

29/03/2017 Main

Growing up one of the activities we regularly participate in is Art. From age 8 till age 16 we have time dedicated to these activities at school.  One of the earliest activities we participate in in Art is coloring in.  However we only associate this activity with young children, and as we grow up we can hide away from art, favouring pens and pencils for writing. In recent years, however, this trend has shifted.  Gone are the days when adults would colour in in secret, using their children’s books.  Nowadays you can’t go into any stationary, craft or book store without seeing rows upon rows of adult colouring in books.   Read more

Set up a HAM Radio

10/02/2017 Main
Set up a HAM Radio

Hey there readers, how are we all doing today? Welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog, a place where I like to talk about all the different and interesting hobbies I have discovered to try and help you, the reader, lead a more leisure filled life. The hobby I wanted to discuss today is known as HAM radio. HAM radio is a type of ameture radio service that brings people together through electronics and communication. It is fairly simple to set up, just head to your favorite online marketplace (mine is ) and you can find a fully functioning radio.  Follow our simple guide on how to set up and get into operating HAM radio. Read more


Hiking is a great hobby

10/01/2017 Main
Hiking is a great hobby 

Hiking is one of the nest leisure activities known to man and has been around since history began. Explorers throughout history have walked hundreds of miles to find new parts of our beautiful planet, and still do to this day. Hiking not only helps you exercise, lose weight but massively improves your cardiovascular health. It does this by cleaning your lungs with fresh air, and strengthens your heart through exercise. Secondly, hiking has many mental health benefits, helping relieve the anxiety and stress of everyday modern lifestyles. Studies have shown hiking can also relieve depression as you can experience the beauty of mother earth, the result being you view the world differently. Hiking is also a great way to meet new people, from all different cultures aswell as teaching us a lot about nature and the evolution of our beautiful planet. There are hundreds of amazing hiking trails around the globe, in every single country on the planet. Here we are going to look at a handful of the most popular.  Read more

Sleeping Dogs DE Review

05/01/2017 Main

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to my video game blog! WIth your help, I am now able to publish my first full post! Thanks to this awesome shopping website I was able to get ahold of an Xbox One, and because of that I was able to play some of the free games I have accumulated for it over the past couple years. This month I recieved ‘Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition’ and am super excited to put in another 100+ hours into this game just like I did with the original on the Xbox 360, and I hate replaying games. Read more

DJing - talent or technology ?

02/12/2016 Main
DJing - talent or technology ?

Disc Jockeys (DJs)  select music tracks, mix and play them back to groups of people wanting to dance, or just listen. Taking up DJing as a hobby is cheaper then most people think. You can purchase starter packs of 2 decks and a mixer for under 300 dollars and learn the basics. Obviously your top end DJs are using equipment costing thousands of dollars and probably spend alot more on their beloved vinyl collections. Some DJs I have come across rent seperate apartments or houses for their collections, some with more than 60000 records. Read more

Xbox Achievements

24/11/2016 Main
My Relationship with Xbox Achievements

Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am! I would like to welcome you back to yet another one of my exciting hobbies and leisure blog posts, this time covering something that you probably didn’t think I really enjoyed as a hobby; Xbox achievement hunting. I recently found so many used games to help boost my score on this for sale website( for all you used game needs) and I am so damn close to being at my 100,000 gamerscore I can almost taste it. This worst part is that I got to 99,000 right before leaving for a 3 month holiday, and now I am back home working so I don’t have nearly the amount of time on my hands that I used to have. I have been having to make very good use of my time, loading up a game with a plan of exactly what I will do and how I will use that to get an achievement(although I use this to cheat a lot by playing Madden). It has become such a part of my life but at some times it is almost an abusive relationship. Read more

Extension Lead

23/11/2016 Main

Extension Lead Read more

Kennelling Your Dog

22/11/2016 Main
Kennelling Your Dog - Why or Why not?
Hey everybody and welcome back to my hobbies blog. Today I will be talking about something not quite as leisurely as my other posts, but it is something I just have to talk about: Dog Kennels. Some people say Kennels are good, some hate them.  Personally I don't know where to stand on the subject. I used a kennel when my dog was very young but after a couple years no more. Some kennels are very nice and the actually seem like something dogs would want to be in whilst some are just the plastic wall and metal grate variety. Any good kennel can be expensive so I would recommend second hand if you are on a budget. I have seen lots of used dog kennels for sale online and some of them look comfortable enough for me to sleep in!
When it Works

As I mentioned earlier, I did use a dog kennel when my dog was a puppy. She was a retriever border collie mix which meant she was way too smart for her own good. This was part of the reason why she was kept in the kennel at night when she as young, as a border collie puppy will explore way to much and they can hide their tracks way to well. This was evident after our first Christmas with her when chocolates disappeared completely, no marks on the floor, no wrappers nothing. We would have never found out if she had gotten rid of the chocolate on her teeth. That dog's poop was sparkling for a week. So as you can tell the kennel was partially for us but also partially for the dog. But once she got older, bigger and had better training, the kennel was put away for good. Read more

Keeping Rabbits

08/11/2016 Main

Keeping Rabbits Read more


Dog Training

05/11/2016 Main
Dog Training 

Welcome back folks.  Just thought I’d share with you a little something I like to do in my leisure time.  It’s actually more of a love or a hobby than something I do but it happens to coincide with one of my recent projects too, which it’s great as I get to kill two birds with one stone as they say.  Read more



05/11/2016 Main

Hi folks and welcome my blog.  This a general open blog intending to cover anything and everything related to hobbies and leisure.  Whether it be gaming, collecting things, arts & crafts, the outdoors, movies, animals, sports (however extreme) or even spending quality time with the family, this blog will at some point cover it. Read more


Mountain Riding

05/11/2016 Main
Mountain Riding 

Welcome back folks.  Just thought I’d share with you a little bit of exciting news, at least for me anyway.  I’ve just heard back from my mechanic who informed me that all the recent mods I’d asked him to get sorted have almost been completed and he’ll have the motorbike delivered in just under two weeks.  This is perfect because while dirtbike riding is one of my favourite hobbies, the wet season is still just petering out somewhat so in two or three weeks the weather should be cooler, drier but will still be a little mud and slippery stuff to get stuck into.  Read more

Street to Dirt

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