Become an Audiophile

Hello and welcome readers, to the latest installment in my hobbies and leisure blog. How many of you remember my post about setting up a HAM radio? This is sort of a continuation on that post, but also something entirely different. I have been getting older, and as I been wanting to get more quality out of the things I enjoy. This applies to all aspects of my life; I try and eat better food, drink better whiskeys and lately that means listening to better music, or more accurately listening to music better. I have started to become a bit of an audiophile, with the help of all the great deals on electronics on  it has been a lot easier and cheaper than I expected. Here are some basic steps to follow if you too want to become an audiophile.

In Ear Monitors

In Ear Monitors

After doing a bit of research into good quality audio equipment I kept hearing people talk about these in ear monitors. These are essentially very, very high quality in ear headphones that if bought new are usually custom molded to the consumers ear. Because of this and the transmitter/receiver that is normally used these tend to be an expensive piece of equipment, with new in ear monitors costing upwards of $1,000. I am not quite ready to spend that on a hobby, so I took a look online and to my surprise I found some really cheap used in ear monitors from that I picked up and love.

Custom In Ear Monitors

HI FI Amplifier

Most people reading this I assume know what bottlenecking is, but for those who don’t here is a little rundown. Imagine a bottle turned upside down, if you cut the bottle at the neck the contents would spill quickly, but by allowing them to go through the bottleneck it slows the rate to that of the smallest opening. This is a common trend in electronics, as if you have expensive equipment that then gets connected to cheap, older equipment you will notice the quality of information (whether it be music or internet) gets lower. This is why you need to have a HI FI Amplifier, as it will provide more attention to frequency response with a much higher power output capacity. As this can be another rather expensive piece of equipment, buying used can be a good place for beginners. My amplifier was sourced from and I managed to get a great used Hi Fi amplifier in like new condition.

Roksan HiFi Amplifier

So much more

The world of audiophiles is a big and expensive one. If you want, you can constantly be upgrading your hardware to mov with industry standards but be warned, this is one expensive hobby. I hope you all enjoyed this post on becoming an audiophile, and if you think I said anything incorrectly or have a point to add then please leave me a comment below. If you have enjoyed this post, then why not take a couple minutes to read one of my shorter pieces, such as my favourite spring pastimes. Talk to you all again soon.