Board Games with Friends

Board Games with Friends


Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I just got back from a nice little get together at my mates house and I haven't actually been to sleep since yesterday. Why would I do something so silly you ask? SImple. Board games and alcohol. At a fairly early part of the night, someone appeared seemingly out of nowhere with a copy of RIsk, and when that was over hours later, someone else pulled out a copy of The Game of Life from somewhere. Needless to say, we are not on speaking terms right now. That didn’t stop me from hopping online and buying a used copy of Life from to get ready for next time.


Board games are a great way to kill some time with a group of friends, or to become friends with a group of strangers. I think that board games get a bad rep lately, with all the video games people can play instead (like Sleeping Dogs which I just so happen to have reviewed earlier). I love my video games, but nothing beats sitting at a table with a full ashtray and soggy coasters from a night of intense Monopoly wheeling and dealing. Below is a list I put together of some great games to play with friends, although friendships may get strained after a long game. You have been warned.



Everyone knows this classic game. I even have it on my Ipad, and it was free! I love the competitiveness of Monopoly, where everyone should be out to get each other. The game has so many variants to, I saw some used copies of Monopoly at and they were so cheap! Even the vintage ones that have the silver in the game pieces can be found for a really low price. If you are like me and end up wondering what to do at the beginning of an evening, then Monopoly is definitely the game for you.




This game can be a little more difficult to learn, and because of that it is quite hard to get into as no one want to take the time to fully explain it. The concept of the game is fairly simple, you must take over the world. Players can form alliances with each other, or decide to take on everyone on their own. I found a second hand Risk board game at that turned out to be a European version, which has a secret mission for each player aimed to reduce the crazy long playing time. This was the version we played on the weekend, which made the game last only about 6 hours compared to multiple days it would have taken with the original rules.


Risk-The game of Global Domination


The Game of Life

Ah, the Game of Life. The most relaxing game on this list. And the only one that can easily be played with children. The Game of Life, or simply Life, is just that. You start out choosing to go to College; or taking an immediate career. You move you little car across the board, sometimes having to stop and make an important decision like having kids or going to night school. This is a Hasbro classic, and as such they have some really cool versions of the game on their website. If you have kids in the house and want to play some board games with them, pick this up immediately.

Game of Life


Those are some of my favourite games to play with friends, try them out for yourselves. If you liked this post then check out our last one on coloring in for adults. See you later.