Card games

Hi guys, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure post.  Today I wanted to continue the theme from my previous post and talk about card games to play with friends. SO here are my top 3 less traditional card games to play amongst friends.

Cards against Humanity

One of the best known other card games. Cards against humanity is a card game where you have to match cards together to make the most offensive, politically incorrect, hilarious phrase.  To play the game each player draws out ten white cards.  A black card is drawn and placed face up on the table.  Each player then takes it in turns to answer the black card with their white card response; using as many white cards as they like.

cards against humanity



Not quite a card game, but a tile based variant on the beloved card game rummy. Imagine if rummy met Mahjong. There are 106 tiles altogether in the game; 2 sets each of 4 colours of numbers from 1 - 13, and 2 jokers.  Players start with either 14 or 16 tiles and place the tiles down in runs of 3. If they cannot play they have to pick up a tile. Once you’ve placed a run of 3 you can then add and move around tiles on the table.


Imagine the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game, but harder and more elaborate.  Cinelinx is just that. Link together movies, actors, actresses, quotes and movie titles as you go round the group. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins. So, if movies are your thing then this is the game for you. Otherwise expect plenty of disagreements over who exactly played which character and said what in which movie.