Colouring In for Adults

Growing up one of the activities we regularly participate in is Art. From age 8 till age 16 we have time dedicated to these activities at school.  One of the earliest activities we participate in in Art is coloring in.  However we only associate this activity with young children, and as we grow up we can hide away from art, favouring pens and pencils for writing. In recent years, however, this trend has shifted.  Gone are the days when adults would colour in in secret, using their children’s books.  Nowadays you can’t go into any stationary, craft or book store without seeing rows upon rows of adult colouring in books.  

Why colouring in?

Colouring in can be a great hobby for many different types of people. It helps with our wellness and stimulates areas in the brain known for fine motor skills and creativity.  

Another thing it can really help with is to de-stress. Carl G Jung, was one of the first psychologists to suggest colouring in as a technique to de-stress.

A more recent psychologist, Gloria Martinez Ayala has said that colouring in de-stresses us because it causes us to focus our attention on 1 particular activity, and not worry.  It also brings out our imagination and brings us back to our childhood, normally a much less stressful time.

kids coloring


What type?

There are many different types of colouring in books.  Wherever your particular interests lay, there will be a book for it.  From flowers to mandalas, celebrities to ‘adult’ images, whatever you fancy you will find it! Otherwise online there are so many different downloadable patterns. And if necessary, either draw yourself a picture or get someone else to and then colour in!