DJing - talent or technology ?

DJing - talent or technology ?


Disc Jockeys (DJs)  select music tracks, mix and play them back to groups of people wanting to dance, or just listen. Taking up DJing as a hobby is cheaper then most people think. You can purchase starter packs of 2 decks and a mixer for under 300 dollars and learn the basics. Obviously your top end DJs are using equipment costing thousands of dollars and probably spend alot more on their beloved vinyl collections. Some DJs I have come across rent seperate apartments or houses for their collections, some with more than 60000 records.


On the internet there are countless forums and online courses teaching newbies how to DJ, with tutorials showing you, step by step, how to start mixing songs and matching the beats.


In recent years DJs have used CDJ technology, partly because the record industry did, momentarily, stop producing vinyl. This lead to Pioneer stopping production of the most common used vinyl turntables, the Technics 1210 and 1200 series. These decks have since gone back into production as many cynics believe CDJing is not actual DJing per se, as it is more technology driven.


Whichever side of the fence you sit on with this argument, you can guarantee DJing as a hobby and / or a career is here to stay. The biggest club scenes in the world, namely Las Vegas, New York  and of course Ibiza are more popular, year on year. DJing is here to stay with many young kids having dreams and fame, but also many just DJing for fun and small parties amongst friends.