Hiking is a great hobby

Hiking is a great hobby 

Hiking is one of the nest leisure activities known to man and has been around since history began. Explorers throughout history have walked hundreds of miles to find new parts of our beautiful planet, and still do to this day. Hiking not only helps you exercise, lose weight but massively improves your cardiovascular health. It does this by cleaning your lungs with fresh air, and strengthens your heart through exercise. Secondly, hiking has many mental health benefits, helping relieve the anxiety and stress of everyday modern lifestyles. Studies have shown hiking can also relieve depression as you can experience the beauty of mother earth, the result being you view the world differently. Hiking is also a great way to meet new people, from all different cultures aswell as teaching us a lot about nature and the evolution of our beautiful planet. There are hundreds of amazing hiking trails around the globe, in every single country on the planet. Here we are going to look at a handful of the most popular. 

Machu Picchu, Peru – Inca Trail

Possibly the most famous and popular hiking and backpacking trails in the world is the Inca Trail, in Peru. It is only a 30 kilometre trail but along you can see stonework carvings that are pre-historic. There are lush forests, incredible wildlife and countless photo opportunities of this simply beautiful part of the world.  The trail leads to it’s destination at the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.

The John Muir Trail – USA

This hike is not for the faint hearted as it is over 210 miles and takes a normal trekking group around 20 days to complete. It starts in Yosemite Valley, California, all the way to Mount Whitney. It crosses many famous US national parks including The John Muir National Park, Sequoia, Sierra National Park and King’s Canyon. Simply stunning but good equipment and fitness are pre-requisites. 

Torres del Paine – Chile

This trek will cover around 60 plus miles of rocky mountains and beautiful wildlife. You will also encounter 2000 metre high granite monoliths, which are an unbelievable sight to see. 

Hiking or trekking as a hobby is something everyone should pursue, and these are just a few of the offerings our planet hosts. Enjoy!