Set up a HAM Radio

Set up a HAM Radio

Hey there readers, how are we all doing today? Welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog, a place where I like to talk about all the different and interesting hobbies I have discovered to try and help you, the reader, lead a more leisure filled life. The hobby I wanted to discuss today is known as HAM radio. HAM radio is a type of ameture radio service that brings people together through electronics and communication. It is fairly simple to set up, just head to your favorite online marketplace (mine is ) and you can find a fully functioning radio.  Follow our simple guide on how to set up and get into operating HAM radio.

HAM Radio in space


The only difficult part of operating a HAM radio is getting a license for it. Depending on how much time you want to spend studying you can get three different licenses: Technician, General, and Extra. With each license you get access to a higher range of frequencies, and after the General course you can begin transmitting up to 1500 watts. You can find info about getting certified from the American Radio Relay League.


It can be hard to find a pre set up HAM radio, so usually you need to collect a couple parts. It doesn’t seem so bad when you have the list in front of you, and finding most of the items is a lot easier than you would think. You need these 5 basic pieces of equipment: a Power Supply, an Antenna ,a Transceiver, an Antenna Tuner, and a Microphone or Key. Most if all these items can be found online, I would recommend getting your antenna online as it is much cheaper. I found lots of used Ham Radio antennas at .

HAM Radio Reciever

Equipment- Extras

It is always a good idea to make sure you have any extra parts that you can see yourself needing in the foreseeable future. I would always twist my knobs to hard meaning that they broke frequently. This resulted in me buying lots of ham radio knobs from Sometimes you can find a good bulk buy of parts at a local hobby shop, but the supply is growing thinner and thinner.


As with any hobby, make sure to keep yourself safe when you are setting up and using your own ametuer radio. Plug all parts into a surge protector or extension cord ( and check out my post on extension cords while you're at it) because you never know what these old electronics can do if hit by a surge. And don’t give out any personal information to weirdoes.

HAM Radio Station

Send Some Messages

Now you are all set up, time to message some people! Check out the frequencies for anyone who wants to talk, or find your own frequency and broadcast whatever! With HAM radio you can do whatever you want. I hope this was a nice little intro to HAM radio for you, and that it got some of you interested. If you liked this post, check out my previous one about the video game Sleeping Dogs. Take it easy!