Sleeping Dogs DE Review

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to my video game blog! WIth your help, I am now able to publish my first full post! Thanks to this awesome shopping website I was able to get ahold of an Xbox One, and because of that I was able to play some of the free games I have accumulated for it over the past couple years. This month I recieved ‘Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition’ and am super excited to put in another 100+ hours into this game just like I did with the original on the Xbox 360, and I hate replaying games.

Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen


Most games that are sandbox and focus on a very linear run/drive/gun just tack on a sub-par story line so that you can justify whatever it is you are doing. This however is not the case with Sleeping Dogs. The game is an absolute blast to play and it is the story line that really steals the show. The player stars as Wei Shen, an undercover officer for the Hong Kong Police Department and has to delve further undercover as a red pole in the Triad. The Definitive Edition takes this amazing storyline and brings it to Next-gen consoles with a nice looking facelift, meanwhile keeping all the charms from the original game. Overall you get a very engaging plot full of uniquely memorable characters and constantly building tension put together beautifully with some awesome melee action, sick gunplay and high intense driving to put together an amazing game with a soundtrack any DJ would love.

Graphics Upgrade

As far as the graphics and aesthetics are concerned, the original Sleeping Dogs was not a masterpiece but it did have a certain charm to it. The Definitive Edition makes sure to resolve some of the bigger graphical errors, most noticeably the drawing distance for all objects has been increased. Other changes include textures being remarkably sharper, and the overall look of this convincing, realistic Hong Kong is a lot more glossy. Of course, it does not play like a native Xbox One game and some stuttering of frame rates will be encountered when exploring. This game is finally as beautiful on console as it once was on PC.

Sleeping Dogs Awesome Sunset

Extra Features

If a great story and updated graphics isn’t for you, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition will have something for you. The game has amazing driving mechanics, and a plethora of vehicle for you to choose from. All vehicles can be customized as well, turning a simple beater into a street racing champion. The games developer did an amazing job of building a realistic looking and realistically busy verion of Hong Kong, and it is a blast to just drive around and explore. On the other hand you have fighting, be it with your hands and feet or with guns and knives. You even have fight clubs allowing you to learn new moves to unleash on the thugs around Hong Kong. Add in all the collectables and side quests and this game is not going to make it on an easy achievements list, but will give you plenty of fun gameplay.

Extra Content

Like all of these games ported onto a new console, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition has all the DLC that would have cost an arm and a leg if bought on the marketplace for free. You get both the supernatural themed ‘Nightmare in North Point’ in which the player has to fight to send the ghost back to the underworld before they take over Hong Kong. Also included is the cop-centric Year of the Snake, which I have not actually played yet on either version. These two add ons really have no intertwinedness with the rest of the game and its main storyline and the new characters don’t really make the impression that you feel they should, but both packs add a very different style of gameplay to this already unique game.

Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen Tattoo

The Verdict

When I first played the original Sleeping Dogs back in 2012, I thought that this was the most surprising game of the year, both in terms of what was expected and the strange things that you encounter. 3 years after the fact I am still surprised, not because of the game itself but of how well it has kept up in those 3 years. The game looks amazing, and this has reminded me of how much I enjoyed the combat style and driving through Hong Kong. The only bad feeling I had was that this made me really, really want a true Next Gen sequel to Sleeping Dogs, which in itself was a Next Gen sequel to True Crime. Whether we will get a Sleeping Dogs 2, or something else we will not know. Take it easy everyone, have a good weekend.