Steam Summer Sale Deals

What’s up everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. As I am sitting on my computer typing this, I am finding it very hard to concentrate. That is because the 2017 Steam Summer Sale is going on and I am getting notifications every 5 minutes about something on my wishlist being on sale. This sale runs annually between June 22nd to July 5th and is normally a place for gamers to buy some great games at even better prices. This year’s sale is almost over so I have highlighted some of the best deals you may have missed (or still have a chance at)

South Park Stick of Truth- 75% off

The long running TV show finally hit it big in the video game world with Stick of Truth when it was released in 2014. This role playing game puts the player in the role of a new kid moving to South Park who becomes involved in a gigantic role playing fantasy world. Our favourite characters are not missing of course, with Cartman playing the wizard, Stan as the fighter, Butters and the thief and Kyle playing...the jew. An epic game combining fantasy, role playing, and one of the best shows on television. Get it now for only $10.

Fallout New Vegas- 75% off

Howdy folks, it’s Mr. New Vegas, and I have a good feeling about all of you listening. This is the friendly call of Mr. New Vegas, your disc jockey through the nuclear wonderland that is Fallout New Vegas. This game plays out much like its predecessor Fallout 3, with the player character controlling The Courier, who is tasked with delivering a very special package but unfortunately gets shot in the head before finishing the job. But no worries, this is a video game!  

Steam Summer Sale 2017