My favourite things to do in the Spring

Hey everyone, hope you are all enjoying this lovely spring day. I would like to welcome you back to my hobbies and leisure blog, although I hope you are not reading this while it is nice outside! I love spring, the air is fresh and the grass is green. There are so many young animals around frolicking around with their mothers, and flowers blooming every day. Spring is simply amazing, it stands for the refreshing of life and a start a new. Spring is when we see old plants shoot up out of the earth, and trees form a new set of leaves for the year. Here are my favourite things to do in the spring.

Go Hiking

Spring is the perfect season for hiking. The snow has melted so the trails are clear, and the heat isn’t yet too hot like it often gets in the summer. You also get to see all the fresh flowers and fruits, if you go looking you can find berries on most hiking trails outside of urban areas which taste amazing. Be warned when hiking in the summer though, as the young animals you will no doubt see along the trails will have their not so young and not so small mothers near by.

Spring Hiking

Head on a Camping Trip

Some people argue that it’s too cold, but I think camping in the spring is amazing. When you go to sleep your body goes into a sort of hibernation because of some really cool stuff your body does regarding sleeping and body temperature, and when you wake up in the morning you feel more amazing than any other morning. You then head over to the stream and get some fresh snow water for coffee, and have your morning coffee with bacon and eggs along the sounds of the forest.