Xbox Achievements

My Relationship with Xbox Achievements

Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am! I would like to welcome you back to yet another one of my exciting hobbies and leisure blog posts, this time covering something that you probably didn’t think I really enjoyed as a hobby; Xbox achievement hunting. I recently found so many used games to help boost my score on this for sale website( for all you used game needs) and I am so damn close to being at my 100,000 gamerscore I can almost taste it. This worst part is that I got to 99,000 right before leaving for a 3 month holiday, and now I am back home working so I don’t have nearly the amount of time on my hands that I used to have. I have been having to make very good use of my time, loading up a game with a plan of exactly what I will do and how I will use that to get an achievement(although I use this to cheat a lot by playing Madden). It has become such a part of my life but at some times it is almost an abusive relationship.


The Xbox 360 Early Years

I bought an xbox 360 the year after it was released I believe. My old xbox had broken and I didn’t know how to fix it, then while on vacation with my mom I saw a guy selling an xbox 360 with half a dozen games for less than $300 dollars. Knowing that my dad would want to look good while I was on vacation with my Mom, I called him and asked if he could send the money to buy it and he eventually said yes. With that, I was super excited to get back to every single hotel we stayed at to try out my new console. I was so happy when I got home, I had bought about 10 xbox original games before the console clunked so I could even play those. However these new games had this thing that would pop up when you did something like beat a level or kill a certain number of enemies. This ‘achievement’ would be accompanied by a little blip sound and a pop up, then if you press your Xbox guide button you would be brought to a page with all the achievements for this game and be sat on the one you just unlocked. At first this was very strange; partially because a lot of my early achievements had wording that made it hard to understand how they were earned. But after I found a website with more info, I was off like a racehorse.


Online Communities

Throughout my years playing Xbox, I have joined 2 communities for achievements, one which I am still with. The first website has now changed to Xbox Achievements and is running on a way better model than they were before. This website has lists of every single game or app you can earn achievements on for you Microsoft Gamertag and also has guides for over 75% of those achievements. I have even submitted some solutions myself, although on a different website as this one only allows full guides of the game not individual solutions. The website I use now offer a unique perspective, and applies a ratio to the achievements based on the percentage of people they have who played the game and who has unlocked the achievement. This adds another level of challenge, in that people are trying raise not one, but two fictional scores. There is even a wishlist feature that shows you the cheapest version of buying the game online, however I have found buying used games online a lot cheaper for the most part.

Boasting Rights

There is no real benefit of being an achievement hunter, other than the bragging rights you have over other gamers who mainly don’t care unless they too are achievement hunters. That is another reasons why these other communities thrive, they allow for more boasting rights. You can even display what genres of series you have the most achievements or Gamerscore in, like sports or MX vs. ATV which is a game that if you liked my post about Dirt bikes, then you will love. I currently have 3 lists on my page, the Madden Nfl Football series, the Saints Row Series, and the Call of Duty modern Warfare series. They are currently sitting at 41%, 45%, and 100% and I hope to improve that soon. I have actually picked up all the games for those series recently, and by using the gaming sessions feature online I have sessions set up for the next two weeks to hopefully finish off the latest Madden game as well as at least one Saints Row game, then it all comes down to skill and luck, Wish me some guys, I am off! See you all next week.